Frequently Asked Questions

There are 3 Core Membership Options: Par Starter, More Pars Premium and Max Pars VIP

Par Starter Membership: Access to all golf lessons and robust game dashboard. Does not include fitness or personal coaching with the exception of your kick-off swing review with Christina Ricci. You can purchase additional Coaching and Fitness Modules a la carte, and as often as needed!

More Pars Premium Membership: Unlimited Access to the extensive More Pars Golf & Fitness Lesson Library and robust Game Improvement Dashboard. Includes your choice of either More Pars fitness check or Swing Review with Christina Ricci every month.

Max Par Platinum VIP Membership: Max Pars Platinum services include all the Par & Premium benefits plus this special membership includes personal coach-guided assessments, extra fitness workouts and 2 swing reviews a month! If you are a player that likes personal coach attention, it is recommended that you select the Max Par Platinum Memberships for the ultimate in personal attention. Plus, this membership welcomes you with the Ultimate Golf Journal which mirrors the Game Dashboard! This is shipped after month 2 of your membership.

Recurring is charged once a month until you cancel. A one-time payment is charged just once for a specified 12-month time period.

If you feel that improvement will be more fun with personal guidance, swing reviews, and live chats, then the Premium or VIP is the best choice. If fitness is important go for the Premium or VIP. If you are newer to game or a casual golfer, start with the Par Starter plan. You can always swap later.

More Reviews and more attention. VIP enjoy 2 Reviews a month, more assessments and personal coach attention. Ideal for those who’ve got the soaring game improvement passion. Plus, the VIP a free copy of the Ultimate On-Course Golf Journal that mirrors the More Pars Game dashboard!

For all kick-off services excluding the VIP Membership, Christina Ricci provides your personal services such as swing reviews, assessments, fitness form checks and live chats. For VIP Memberships, you can select any More Pars Coach.

Not at all. The site is for all passionate players who are looking for a robust game improvement system that encompasses all areas of the game including fitness.

Yes with a couple of restrictions:

In order for a proration to be applied the following must be true:

  • You have an active recurring subscription membership.
  • You are switching to another membership that has a subscription associated with it.

Yes. You can pause up to 3 times per billing period. So for example, for annual one-time, you can suspend 3 times. When this action is processed, the subscription status is changed to “on hold” until the subscription is re-activated.You cannot access restricted content while a membership is paused.

We hope you’ll stay with us, but if you have to go, simply go to your account page and look for the Subscriptions where you’ll see a cancel link.

Our secure socket layer (SSL) software is the industry standard and among the best software available today for secure commerce transactions. It encrypts all of your personal information including card number, name, etc. so that it cannot be read as the information travels over the Internet. In addition, we do not hold credit card numbers, this is stored with the payment gateway such as PayPal or Stripe.

First, golf is not all about the swing, it encompasses tee to green and your physical well-being. Our site is all-encompassing and all-engaging:

Game Dashboard: Track basic or advanced stats, log notes, create game plans, set goals and assign them to your calendar.

Visual Charts: Chart Your Progress and personal bests provide visual snapshots of your game

Extensive Golf Lesson Library: Explore the extensive lesson library tee to green and in-between. Our lesson library is a mix of video and Christina’s signature Step 1-2-3s and YES/NOs that have changed well over 100,000 golf games.

Extensive Fitness Library: Explore the extensive fitness library to get your body ready for the game. Our lesson library is a mix of video and Christina’s signature Step 1-2-3s and YES/NOs that have changed well over 100,000 golf games.

Golf University: Perfect for the newer player who prefers a more structured and guided lesson flow. Graduate with honors and Achievement Certificates!

Favorite a Page: Add your favorites to your favorite folder for easy access when on the course or at the range. For those newer to the game, check out Golf University for guided learning.

Swing Player: Be your own coach and upload swings or fitness moves into the Swing Plyer where you can then compare with models or add lines to see where you need improvement.

Personal Attention: The best part of the More Pars platform is the personal attention you’ll receive (if you want it). The More Pars Coaches offer tailored services to get More Pars on your scorecard. We are here…at your service.

The first step is to schedule your personal Skype Tour by Christina. She is looking forward to meeting you and showing you all the great features of the site.

You can also head to the Tutorials Playlist and explore all the great features of the site that way.

Your Member Home page lays out all the fun things you can do as a More Pars Member. Christina is ALWAYS available to answer any question. Simply click the help bell and she’ll be there at your service.

Why Join?

Fitness Feature

Top Questions

How will this site improve my game?
Why do I need this?

If you want more pars, than this site is for you. It’s that simple.
If you’ve been trying to break 100, but just can’t seem to do it on your own, this site is for you
If you’re flirting with the high 80’s, but just can’t seem to break through, this site is for you.
If you’re struggling with too many topped shots, weak-rights, duck-hooks, or slices, this site is for you.
If you want to find out where you are losing the most strokes, but don’t know how, this site is for you.
If you want to find out how to take control of your nerves versus the other way around, this site is for you.
If you want to master playing the game, which means mastering not just the swing fundamentals, but real scenarios that you encounter during a round, such as uneven lies and balls on a lip or collar, this course is for you.
If you invest in weekly or monthly lessons with your local golf pro, but can’t afford to cover all aspects of the game with these lessons, this site is for you.
If you are brand new to the game, this site is for you. In fact, I have created a special section just for you. It’s called Golf University – a guided series of lessons that walk you through—step by step—all the things you need to have ultra-confidence and ultra-fun.

How quickly will I see results?

You can see results with just one visit. You can:
If you are struggling with distance, head to the More Distance section to see immediate results.
If you’re not sure what to work on, get a swing review with analysis and next steps to improve.
Create a game plan to determine exactly where your game needs attention.
Track Basic or Advanced stats to see exactly where you’re losing your strokes.
Upload a swing and compare with a model swing to discover exactly what to work on.
Submit a Question and get a personal Video Tip Answer from Christina
Head to the fitness center to Master the Staples or get daily workouts so you can go long!
Head to the kitchen to whip up an elixir to start the day.

How is this site different from all the others?

The More Pars platform has it all. Most other sites offer video playlists. That’s great, but what if you have no clue what your swing flaw is…or what if it’s not your swing? With Personal Coaching and Training, 100’s of golf tips in a variety of presentations to suit your learning style, fitness & workouts, personal Swing Analysis Player, guided learning, swing sequences, nutrition, a robust game improvement dashboard to track your game with a physical matching More Pars Journal to take with you on the course, you’ll soon discover that with More Pars at your fingertips, you’ll be on your way to more pars in no time.

Your personal golf coach …at your service …365 days a year.

Is this site just for women?

Absolutely not. The More Pars platform is for any player who wants to take their game to the next level or just entering the game. I have 3 Membership levels so you can select the best plan for your goals and golf lifestyle. For example, some players, may not want personal coaching, but love all the other great features of the site. For those that want personal coaching, I have 2 great Plans for you. Just like the game of golf, you’ve got a options.

Who are the Coaches?

The More Pars Platform is designed to be a personal experience. At launch, we will have 4 Golf Coaches – 2 PGA Golf Professionals, 2 LPGA Instructors, 1 PGA Professional Mental Coach, and a Professional Style Coach. Your main More Pars Coach is Christina Ricci. She is LPGA Class A and a Level 3 TPI Certified Coach. What does that mean for your game? More Pars. Are you ready?

The more you engage the more coaching you get! The longer you stay, the more gifts you get …delivered to your door!

The More Pars platform is investing in your game. This site is for those that want to discover their true golf potential with Coaches that really care about you and your game. My name is Christina Ricci, and I look forward to meeting you.

Thanks for answering my questions. I’m Ready for More Pars!