Par Starter Membership

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Par Starter Membership: Access to all golf lessons and robust game dashboard. You’ll kick-off your membership with a Coach Services. We’ll start with a Live Game Plan Chat that you can use as a site tour or chat about your goals. Plus, jump start to more pars with your choice of a Swing Review, Stat Assessment or Fitness Form Check.


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Which Membership is for me?

There are 3 Memberships:

Par Starter Membership: Access to all golf lessons and robust game dashboard. Does not include fitness or personal coaching. You can purchase Coaching and Fitness Modules a la carte… and as often as needed!

More Pars Premium Membership: Unlimited Access to the extensive More Pars Golf & Fitness Lesson Library and robust Game Improvement Dashboard. Plus this special membership includes 1 Swing Review with Christina Ricci every month!

Max Par Platinum VIP Membership: Max Pars Platinum services include all the Par & Premium benefits plus this special membership includes personal coach-guided assessments, extra fitness workouts and 2 Swing Reviews a month! If you are a player that likes personal coach attention, it is recommended that you select this Membership for the ultimate in personal attention. Plus, this membership welcomes you with the Ultimate Golf Journal that mirrors the Game Dashboard!

All memberships have the option for a one-time annual payment or monthly recurring. Cancel anytime. All services commence after the 7 day trial period. Ultimate Journals included in the Platinum and ship after the 30 day period. All Coach Services do not compound, so most definitely take advantage of your allocated Coach Services.

I still have more questions?

Golf is a journey…Let’s Journey Together.

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Par Starter

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